Social Media

Any business owner will tell you, a
positive social media presence
is essential for all local business’.

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Whether you consider yourself proficient at social media

or a beginner

make sure you can talk the talk!

These are the terms that you will hear often in the social media community and what they really mean: ​


When a user takes an action on a post or ad. So, engagement could mean a click, like, share, reaction, comment, message or click on a post/ad. Engagement is a key part of social media because it indicates that you are being social and engaging with your users – and consumers are more likely to remember a brand that they interacted with.


The number of people following a social media account. Your followers are your organic reach, or the number of users that will regularly see your posts. Generally speaking, the higher your followers, the higher your engagement.


The number of times an ad or post appears on a screen. It’s important to remember that a user can have more than one impression of your post/ad.


The number of users that see your post or ad. This metric is tracked by the IP address of the user.

Sponsored Ad

For an extra fee, you can create a sponsored ad with a stronger call to action. Ads appear in the user’s news feed and can be targeted to reach an audience that does not follow your page. In a sponsored ad you can offer a download, require a form fill, offer a gift, provide a ‘call now’ link, etc.

Social Media Services

We offer a couple of different options for social media to meet your needs.

Please review the links below to find out which model works best for your local business.

Social Management

Social Management

Our management packages are designed to help local businesses establish a strong social media presence without having to invest time themselves. Our packages include content creation and daily posts.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Marketing your business online is a serious business. Our marketing plans are designed to get your business more exposure to consumers not familiar with your brand.

Social Consulting

Social Consulting

Our consulting services are ideal for businesses who already have a strong presence but need help taking their social media content and marketing to the next level!

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